Vita Radium Suppositories (ca.1930)

Produced by the Home Products Company of Denver, Colorado, these suppositories were guaranteed to contain real radium - and probably did.   From the company’s brochure:

"Weak Discouraged Men!

Now Bubble Over with Joyous Vitality

Through the Use of

Glands and Radium”[x]

"According to American Endocrine Laboratories, the Radiendocrinator (pronounced Ra-di-en-do-cri-na-tor) was "the last word in scientific manufacture." It had to be to justify its $150 price tag. […] It was intended to be placed over the endocrine glands, "which have so masterful a control over life and bodily health." […] William J. Bailey, inventor of the Radiendocrinator (and Radithor), had great faith in his products and he claimed to use all of them. Bailey, who said he had drunk more radium water than any living man, died in 1949 of bladder cancer at 64 years of age." [x]

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