Japanese garden in Nantes, France.

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Title: Le tourbillon Artist: Georges Delerue 246 plays
Title: The Poet Acts Artist: Philip Glass 330 plays
Title: Zundoko-bushi Artist: Pink Martini 356 plays


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Le Défenseur du Temps (The Defender of Time) is a large mechanical work of art in the form of a clock created in 1979 by the French artist Jacques Monestier. It is located in the Clock Area in Paris.

Close to the dial, a man perched on a rock with a sword and shield fights against a bird, a dragon, and a crab which respectively represent air, earth, and water. As originally designed, every hour from 9 am to 10 pm, he fights one of the three animals chosen randomly by a program. At noon, 6 pm, and 10pm, all three animals attack at the same time.

Le Défenseur du temps is 4 meters high and weighs about 1 ton. [x]

Anonymous asked: Tell us about the washing-machine dealer.

For quite a long time a lovely neighbor of mine would deal washing machines. Now I’m not sure why people bought them or how he acquired so many washing machines in the first place, but the corridor was just packed with them and people started to complain. So one day he disappeared along with all the washing machines and only left a green one, which was removed six months after by the new neighbor. Who is a professional sad clown. 

Anonymous asked: Please die.

Are you my neighbor who works as a professional sad clown and complains about my passive aggressive use of post-it notes in the elevator when people leave bits of meat everywhere? Cause you don’t seem to like me very much and I want to say I don’t like you either - the washing machine dealer was way nicer than you. 

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